Bloggers On Top 2019 in Bansko, Bulgaria

We are moving to southwestern Bulgaria to visit the beautiful mountain town of Bansko. Nestled in the magnetic embraces of Pirin, it welcomes us with its bohemian charm, mountain beauty and local atmosphere. At the same time a city with a history, traditionally carrying the Bulgarian mood with its cobbled streets and ancient buildings. On the other hand – wild, boisterous, youthful. A place where life boils and boils. And there is always something happening.


We don’t go to Bansko by accident, of course. A wonderful place is organizing an interesting event and we are going to take a look. Not just a place, but a cohesive community called Coworking Bansko. A place for traveling people who don’t like to limit themselves to the four walls of the office life. People who live traveling and never stop looking for an adventure.


For those who do not know what does Coworking space mean – this is a place where different individuals with different ways of living come together to work but separately. In front of their computers. But not with reputable office hours and an annoying boss. In Bulgaria, these places are still gaining popularity very slowly. But what is happening in Bansko is really amazing.


The colorful Orange Coworking Bansko is a shared space for digital nomads from all over the world who come here because of its proximity to the most magnificent Bulgarian Mountain  Pirin, delicious Bulgarian food and crazy nightlife. Here you can find – a welcoming atmosphere, various events and parties, as well as the comfort of a circle of people, united as a family. Friendship is raging in the air, happiness is visible in people’s eyes, and their smiles are saying one – I’m home. And I love it.


This wonderful place, created by the foreigners Matthias and Uwe and keeping the spirit alive with the vibrations, energy and care of all the members, is organizing an unique event for  third year in a row.


Bloggers On Top Unconference is a 3-day blogging (non) seminar that gathers travel bloggers and travel industry people from around the world to help them share valuable experiences, ideas and inspirations.


This year, the event was touched by the magic wand of the lovely mermaid who lives to travel. The smiley Maria Nedelcheva from Adventures of Bulgarian Mermaid was the person responsible for the preparation and the happening of Bloggers On Top. Thanks to her and her invitation, Piralkova got there. To study, to listen and … to have fun! Because this is not an usual boring seminar where people give lectures, but much more.


Day 1 – Travelers from Australia, the Netherlands, Latvia, Portugal, Scotland, America and Bulgaria gather together in Bansko, ready for an adventure! Some get to know each other, others hug each other happily because they haven’t seen each other for a long time, and we end up taking Instawalk all over town. We take to the paved streets of Bansko, led by the Bansko free tour guy, who takes us through and tells us facts, stories and events from the heart of Bansko.


We start our walk from the Art Gallery, in the city center where we look at all the beauties hidden inside. We continue to the square, stopping in front of Vaptsarov’s graphite. Following are the Neofit Rilski Museum House, the Velian House and the Church “St. Troica” – at the end.


After an hour and a half and a lot of Instagram photos, we head to the tavern, where we indulge in a nice red wine, delicious food, and traditional Bulgarian dances. We end the evening where we have to. At a bar, of course! It’s time for fun. Balkan fun.




Day 2 – Time to do some work! Fresh and energized, we begin the Saturday  with smiles on our faces, thirsty for new knowledge. First, we decide together what the topics of the day will be, and then we start.


It’s time for long talks and mini-lectures on SEO, Site Monetizing and Optimization, Vlogging, Photography, Content Management, Tools and Resources, Promoting a Destination and Email.


Everyone shares their experiences, gives explanations, questions are asked, discussions are formed. It’s tiring but interesting. We stop for a delicious lunch in a typical Bansko tavern, enjoying the richness of Bulgarian cuisine.


And for dinner … it’s time for something special, because it is October 5th and this is The day of Bansko. In the city center there is a concert of ensemble Bulgare, followed by a blasting dawn on the square.



We end the long but rewarding day at a stylish restaurant – a true delight for our senses and stomachs. We talk, laugh and have fun all together. It’s funny cuz we know each other just for a day, but we feel like we have been friends for many years. This happens when people have the same vibration and common interests.




Day 3 – It’s time for the final sessions on Social media and Press trips, and finally, anyone who wants to present their blog or site to the other participants.


Before we say goodbye, it’s time for a sunny walk  in the mountain.



We take a group photo and we start hugging each other with ridiculously big smiles on our faces because we have been happy and energized for the last 3 days. And we look forward to see each other again next year!



Bye, travelers! Nice to meet you! Yours, Piralkova 🙂



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